Fredi Electronics was established in 1991 from Mr.Alfred Kasmi, the owner and founder of the company. In 1992  begun the importation of electronic equipments from Bulgaria and Turkey, such us car audio accessories. Upon purchasing of stores in 2001, the company increased its operation in the field of professional audio and lighting for bars, disco, club etc. An important step in the investment of the company  was made in 2006, lauching the CCTV systems, Security System and Access for institutions, businesses, etc. Two years later (in 2008), company lead a new campaign on “LED Family” including: LED Advertising, Big screen LED TV, led bulbs, Led Strips. In 2010 Fredi  Electronic was focused on the European market by signing agreements with well known companies. Today we are the representative of the Italian factory “FBT”, one of the top 10 factories in professional audio system, while it is in talks  with other international companies. Fredi Electronics is today one of the main companies in the electronics market, is delivering best customer service with professionalism in all aspect to all our clients.

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  • Client First
  • Work Hard
  • Give Results
  • Word Is Done

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