Anti Fire Systems

Protecting the apartment against fire systems is a guarantee for your family’s life. Protect it by choosing our smoke-sensitive systems making you feel safer in business!

We are already Certified and licensed by the Ministry of Interior!

Security Systems

Our architects do not leave the corner unobserved in the project, while our technicians are able to realize every project.

Camera for indoor and outdoor environments.

Access Control

You must have control over all your facilities, even for the smallest movement. Our service enables you to control the fastest time for your maximum safety. For institutions, hotels, parking lots, stadiums, theaters etc

Parking System

The ideal parking system for large spaces and facilities such as shopping centers, hospitals, airports, office buildings, is the Intelligent Parking Management System.

Road blocker, integrated system, boom barrier, control system, speed gate, payment point all elements for a more efficient operation of this kind of system.

Smart Home

In a Smart Home you can sit back relax and let the electronics do everything for you. In a Smart Home everything is done for you which gives more comfort and better control, it also saves money and ultimately gives you an easier life. Devices such as lights, thermostats, alarm systems and so on are replaced by smart electronics which think and do everything for you.

Audio Systems 

Audio systems, but also audio and video systems. With different power and varied dimensions for all types of environments and events. Concerts, birthdays, restaurants, bars and institutions.


Electronic LED advertising, programmable for all types and sizes. Single, Double & Full-Color Advertising. Electronic Pharmacy LED Crosses. Table for businesses, offices, agencies, hotels, restaurants, buses and all places where you want to advertise, for all budgets.

LED Advertising, LED Wall, LED Screen, LED Spot, LED Strip, LED Display etc.


Are you a student and need a computer or laptop with a competitive price, affordable for your budget?

You’re in the right place!

Various electronic devices, as well as repairs of all types, for photocopiers, scanners, printers and everything else related to electronics.

do you have a project or a plan?