Why “Airplane mode” during the flight?

Before takeoff and shortly before landing, flight attendants ask passengers to switch their electronic devices to flight mode. However, far from everyone complies because we just don’t understand how our small smartphones can interfere with the operation of a high-tech aircraft.

In flight mode, your gadget disables all data services (Wi-Fi, GSM, Bluetooth, etc). Simply put, your phone or tablet ceases to function as a radio receiver. If your smartphone has not been switched to flight mode, then the signals emanating from it may interfere with the highly sensitive electronic devices of the aircraft.

When a smartphone is simply locked and you’re not using it, it is still searching for a network, and its frequency may overlap with the frequency of aircraft devices. Even if you think a “sleeping” gadget does not pose a threat, switch it to flight mode.

If your device doesn’t have this functionality, just turn it off.